Poza is one of the premium Leather and leather product manufacturers in Chennai. Poza wants to establish an impregnable Online presence by showcasing their years of experience and Excellent craftsmanship.

Web online presence fully equipped Poza with top notch Website design with engaging Product photography, and one of its kind CGI photography so etch the infamous leather brand's identity in the digital ground. The textures were custom made from their own products to create high end image compositions. Everything from logo design to Web design to CGI att direction followed a unique brand style.

Penetrating the higly competetive world-class photographers market in Milan for Gianluca with a sleek and minimal website

Gianluca Geraldi is a photogrpaher in Milan, Italy, He needed an online presence in the highly competetive market of photographers. He wanted to stand out with a website and a GMB strong enough to get his incredeble photographic work to the front and first pages of search. The website built for him was very light, despite being a picture heavy site. While all other photoraphers went for a continuous tile view , we had a unique themed view to make the design stand out and to stress his exepertise in that particular niche.

A website to reinforce the Image and position of a 25 year old educational institution

SFS school recently celebrated their silver jublee for their 25 years of service. SFS is one of the top 3 schools in this region, they wanted a brand new website to convey their unique approach of education and talent empowerment towards their pupil. WOP gave them a mobile responsive website that relfects the premium image of the school making it a hard competition to other schools in that region

Dental clinic website that reduces stress and relaxes their cleints about dental procedures

this dental clinic in Penrith, Australia wanted a design that makes their clients feel less anxious about various dental procedures. WOP's design was focused on the customer's behaviour and color theory to create a design that helps them understand the smooth process and smily results.

Service apartment that wanted travellers to know how thier stay can be pleasant as a getaway

Tajmahal homes is a service apartment which offers furnished homes in various sizes for tourists. Tajmahal wanted to let thier cusotmers know how cool their facilites are and how it can be their second home like the ones they visit for their holidays. WOP incorporated holiday theams to evoke the vacation feel fo the website

An awareness initiative sponsored by a group of mechanical engineers of same batch

Coronaguide was meant to help those who speak the language of Tamil to understand about the disease in their own language. It was created when the outbreak started in India. The project was appreciated by Many officials and Healthcare department professionals in this locality.